• January 6, 2017

Those little fingers, small toes, striking eyes, and adorable cheeks, your newborn baby is now your whole world. The moment you held them in your arms, you knew just how amazing they are. From their coos to their snuggles, it’s pure bliss having them in your life, and surely you can’t imagine your life without them anymore.

Unfortunately, your little bundle of joy won’t stay small forever. You can capture their small, precious state through photography.

Here at Photography with Heart & Video, we know just how precious your little one is. That’s why we have put together a few reasons why your child should be captured through photography. If you have your own little bundle of joy or are expecting, be sure to keep reading to learn more:


  • Brand new. It’s baffling that the human body can create humans, especially when they are as adorable as your precious little one. Besides the lack of sleep, you may sometimes wish that this stage would last forever. Capturing this innocent stage within photos is the next best thing. When your baby grows up and starts college, you will always have these breathtaking newborn shots.


  • 6 months. Before you know it, six months have flown by! Now your little munchkin is starting foods such as baby purees, sitting up on their own, and maybe even crawling. Where has the time gone? It’s unbelievable how much your child has already grown and how much they have changed in just six short months! What better way to capture this huge milestone within their life than with photos? It also provides a shocking image of just how much your little one has grown.


  • 1 year. A year has passed and it is birthday time! Fighting back the tears, it’s time to throw your munchkin their very first birthday. From their smashing of the cake to their laughable attempts at opening presents, this is such a joyous point in any parent’s life. Not only can you capture their first birthday through photography, but you can schedule a one year photo shoot away from the crowd of well-wishers and birthday games, for a one on one photo session. Showing the growth of your kiddo and bright happy smile as they start developing their own personality, one year photos are perhaps one of the most precious keepsakes you can have as a parent.

Your child is your whole world, so you certainly do not want to miss out on capturing these once in a lifetime milestones in their life. Here at Photography with Heart & Video, we can help you capture lovely aspects of your life. If you are interested in a California photo session, be sure to contact us today.