• December 8, 2016
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When planning an important event, it’s essential to find the perfect location. From a wedding to a birthday party, location is key to a successful outcome. Surely you wouldn’t want to hold a business fund raiser in your back yard. And hosting your wedding day at the nearest kid’s pizza parlor is out of the question…finding a fitting location for your occasion is crucial to its progress.

Your engagement shoot follows this same logic. With it being such a romantic and exciting milestone in your life, a suitable location is imperative. It should mesh well with your style and be visually stunning. If you are still having trouble deciding on the right place for your engagement shoot, let us help!

Here at Photography with Heart & Video, we know how important your engagement is. That’s why we have put together a few tips to help you ensure that your engagement photo shoot is held at a great location. If you are still in search of location suited for your photos, be sure to continue reading for some inspiration:

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  • Timing is crucial. From the time of day to the time of year, timing is everything. Choosing a time of day where lighting will work to your advantage is a fantastic way to ensure that your photos look beautiful. It’s important to give yourself enough time to work with the natural light if you are planning an outdoor shoot. When it comes to the season, you would know best about working around the weather. If it’s a rainy season, consider a stunning location that protects you both from the rain. If you want to incorporate snow into your photos, going earlier in the day will allow you enough time to capture the flurry delight of the season. It’s important to learn your limits set by the season and time of day.

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  • A meaningful location. From your first kiss to your proposal, you and your partner have made memories all over the place. Finding a location that is sentimental to both of you is another way to bring a special meaning to your photos. So, recreating your proposal on the exact spot, makes for a great engagement photo. As will recreating how you met or your first kiss.

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  • Incorporate your hobbies. Perhaps you and your partner enjoy fishing. Finding your favorite fishing spot makes a great location for your shoot. It brings your own style and personal meaning to your photos. The fishing element will make for a cute dynamic within your photos, especially by including fishing gear for props. Maybe you are a fan of hiking. Finding the most scenic hiking route, not only provides a sensational backdrop, but it also makes your photos more personal. Don’t be shy when it comes to expressing yourself.

These tips will help you make your engagement photos a little more personal and will help provide a striking back drop that will surely make your photos extraordinary. Here at Photography with Heart & Video, we want every couple to receive engagement photos that they want to show off to the world. If you want to plan the perfect location for your photo shoot, be sure to contact us today.