• January 15, 2017

Every family is beautiful! As life goes on, your family grows and matures, transforming from adorable children to talented adults. Within life though, it is wonderful to take a moment and breathe. Relax with the ones you love, making memories and highlighting milestones within your lives.

As time goes on, it is easy to forget. You may forget how tiny and innocent your children once were, or members of your family may pass once they have lived their life to the fullest…these times you share together now should not be forgotten, and having family portraits taken ensures they won’t be.

Here at Photography with Heart & Video, we understand how important your life is, and know that it should certainly be remembered. That’s why we have gathered the top reasons as to why you should have your family portraits taken. If you are interested in making memories through photos, be sure to continue reading to learn more:

  • Fun. Life can become hectic! From the work flow and school schedules to extra-curricular actives, it can be hard to take a moment and just enjoy yourselves. Gone are the days where family photos are dreaded as you stand in a line wearing perfectly matched clothing…you can let loose and have fun! You and your family can act like yourselves, inside or outside, and allow your photographer to capture you all within your natural element, for gorgeous photos.
  • Memories. From growing older and changing lifestyles, families are never the same. Having family photos taken will showcase your special bond and the millstones you are achieving within your life during that time. Most families choose to have their portraits taken once a year, to always highlight their growth and the ever-growing bond that they will always share together. Memories should be remembered, and photos will allow that to happen. Just remember, each year is a new you!
  • Gifts. Who wouldn’t love a gorgeous family portrait as a gift? From Christmas, birthdays and just random smiles, portraits serve as an item that everyone can enjoy. Get the family together and provide grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins the gift of smiles, as they will truly appreciate being able to display your beauty within their home or office.

Life is full of memories, but the last thing you would ever want to happen is to forget them. Here at Photography with Heart & Video, it is our goal to capture your memories in a unique and beautiful way. If you are ready to begin planning your California photo session, be sure to contact us today.