• May 21, 2017
Wedding Rings

Your wedding rings are such a gorgeous symbolization of your marriage. They may be the tiniest element of your marriage, but they pack a powerful punch when it comes to meaning. Sparkling and shining, your rings certainly deserve recognition, and photography is the best way to showcase their beauty.

Are you aware of some creative ways in which you can capture your wedding rings through photography?

We believe that every aspect of your wedding, including your rings, deserves to be captured! That’s why, here at Photography with Heart & Video, we have gathered some unique ways in which you can photograph your wedding rings. If you are curious to learn what these ways are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Classic beauty. If you want to showcase your beautiful rings in a traditional way, the “hands over the bouquet” photo never fails! Use your gorgeous bridal bouquet as the backdrop, and have you and your partner place your hands over the flowers. The vibrant pop of color will have your rings sparkling beautifully, for such an elegant photo.
  • Among your heels. You have most likely chosen a stunning pair of heels to adorn your feet for your wedding day. However, support isn’t the only way that they can be utilized. The heel poses as a great base for you to slip your rings among. Position your shoes in creative way, and allow your rings to shine among them. This is the perfect way to showcase those little bridal details.
  • Within their boxes. Your ring boxes will be the last home of your wedding rings before they adorn your fingers for the rest of your lives. Brand new and in a beautiful state, you can allow your rings to shine from within their boxes. Side by side, as king and queen, your wedding rings can radiate their beauty for a stunning photograph.

With every wedding comes a gorgeous pair of rings! Therefore, they certainly deserve to be uniquely photographed. If you are still seeking a Los Angeles wedding photographer, please contact us here at Photography with Heart & Video. We look forward to photographing your Chatsworth wedding.