• April 30, 2017

A photo session is a great way to capture memories within your life or even promote your career with the right image. From family portraits to your big day, each photo captured is of utmost importance, as it will be how you will remember each and every special moment.

As you prepare for your photoshoot, there are actually some things that you can consider doing, creating your images to be even more beautiful.

Capturing memories is such an honor! That’s why, here at Photography with Heart & Video, we have gathered some things that you should consider when having your portraits taken. If you are interested in gaining some knowledge, be sure to continue reading:

  • The placement of your hair. If you are granted with long, beautiful hair, that’s great! However, you won’t want it to get in the way of your photos. Generally, you will want to part your hair to face the camera, so that more of your face is included. If you are choosing to have your hair pulled forward, it would be best to have one side pulled in front of your shoulders, and the other behind. If you plant to have your hair pulled back in a ponytail, angled shots are preferred, as the hair pulled back can represent the look of no hair at all.
  • Posture. When having your portraits captured, posture is key! Slouching certainly is not an ideal way to present yourself. When standing, stand up straight, arch you back, and structure your shoulders forward, for an overall representation of poise. If you are sitting, you will still want to ensure that your back is straight with your shoulders forward. The right stance will present formal and beautiful photos.
  • Utilize your arms. There are many ways in which you can utilize your arms throughout your portraits. When people stand, their arms are usually flat at their sides, which can appear as awkward or uncomfortable. Placing your hands on your hips is a great way for placement that will represent poise within your appearance. If you are sitting, your arms slightly crossed with your hands placed on your thighs is ideal.

Every photo should perfectly showcase your beauty. If you are ready to plan your Los Angeles photography, be sure to contact us today. Photography with Heart & Video has many years of experience capturing Los Angeles wedding photography as well as portraits.