• August 25, 2016
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Last week, we discussed a few popular photography trends that are taking wedding photos above and beyond the classic collections. Photographers are using these trends to produce more unique and stunning photographs for newlywed couples, and the outcome could not be more creative!

It is important to choose a photographer than can successfully execute these unique photography trends, one that is in touch with their artistic side, for a beautiful outcome. Your photographer’s ability to pull of these photography tricks is key to having beautiful pictures hanging from your walls, or being featured in your wedding album.

This week, Photography with Heart & Video has gathered a few more photography trends for you to view that are sure to make your wedding photos unique to you and your partner, so be sure to continue reading to gain some inspiration:

  • Father/daughter first-look. Whether you are a daddy’s girl or mommy’s girl, you will want to capture the love that will warm your heart when you see your father’s face, setting eyes upon you for the first time in your wedding dress. Imagine having your father’s expression, full of love and surprise, forever captured in a photo…it is definitely a photography trend that you will certainly treasure throughout the years.

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  • Natural backlit photography. Imagine standing in your wedding dress, all dolled up, as the sun is setting and those rays kiss the beautiful satin details of your gown. Your photographer will use the natural light of the sun as a backdrop when photographing you and your partner, which creates absolutely stunning photos. Backlit photography will be the photo shoot that produces the dramatic, unique and romantic photos that will leave you in awe.

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  • Relaxed family photos. On a day filled with so much love and joy, it might be best to avoid those scripted family photos, allowing your family to be more relaxed and let them show their emotions, resulting in photos that capture the spirit of their love and support for you and your partner. When your photographer captures more casual shots of your family, you get to avoid those posed photos that do not portray the fun that everyone is having.

Incorporating photography trends into your big day results in photos that go above and beyond the classic wedding collection. Here at Photography with Heart & Video, we bring forth 100% dedication into each and every photo we capture, making for a truly beautiful album. If you are still seeking a photographer for your California wedding, be sure to contact us, as we can’t wait to preserve your big day.