• January 29, 2017
Photography 1

Are you newly engaged? If so, you are probably ready to embark on an engagement photo session to celebrate! While engagement photos can reflect many poses, it is also wise to consider some that would show off your relationship dynamic in a unique and beautiful way.

From warm embraces to a playful demeanor, your engagement photos can reflect so much more than just your typical pose. It’s just all about finding the right ones to represent your bond!

Here at Photography with Heart & Video, we understand how important your love is, and truly believe that it should be showcased in a unique way. That’s why we have gathered some inspiration for poses that you should certainly consider incorporating into your engagement photos, so be sure to continue reading to discover more:

Photography 2

  • Gazing. What could showcase your love better than gazing into your partner’s eyes? It may sound cheesy, but it is honestly anything but! And certainly will reflect the romantic bond that you share with one another. It is said that love is shown through our eyes, so staring into each other’s is sure to bring out such raw emotion, creating a truly intimate photo.

Photography 3

  • Embrace one another. When you love someone, chances are you will hug or kiss them, as a way to show your affection. So, why not do so within your engagement photos as well? Showing your love for your partner will add such a romantic vibe to your photos. To add even more pizzazz to your images, capture them from different angles and length. Embrace one another in a romantic hug, among a gorgeous scenic backdrop, and have you photographer capture it at a distance, for a truly stunning outcome.

Photography 4

  • Movement. While you can of course stand perfectly posed for a photo, why would you in all of them? Move around! Be comfortable, and let you inner selves come out. Have you partner lift you up in the air as they kiss you. Or, simply walk together. Either way, allowing yourselves to be natural within your photos will bring out a sense of comfort.

No matter what poses you plan to incorporate into your engagement photo session, just make sure that they represent your love as a couple. Here at Photography with Heart & Video, it is our goal to create each photo captured to perfectly represent who you are. If you are still in search of a Chatsworth, California wedding photographer, be sure to contact us today.