• April 9, 2017
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Becoming engaged is certainly an exciting time within your life. You and your partner have declared your love for each other and made the decision to spend the rest of your lives together. This is thrilling news, and it can be tempting to blurt it out to the world. However, you can announce your upcoming nuptials with wonderful engagement photos.

This is once in a lifetime news that you get to announce. So, it’s important that you do it in an unforgettable way. Photography is an excellent way to announce such big news. You and your partner may be complete naturals in front of the camera, or perhaps you are a little more nervous. You may not know exactly how to present yourself.

Here at Photography with heart & Video, we believe that every photo captured should be unique and beautiful. That’s why we have gathered some perfect poses to inspire your engagement photos. If you are still stuck on how to pose within yours, be sure to keep reading for inspiration:

  • An artistic crop. Expressing how much you love each other, holding hands, hugging, or even whispering sweet secrets to each other, these moments can be potentially beautiful photos. However, to avoid repetitive photos, or to add a creative flair to your engagement photos, your photographer can embrace an artistic crop. You and your partner’s faces don’t have to take center stage for every photo, as there are many other ways to show your love and personality.
  • Lift your love. From dancing to movies, you may often see a person lift their partner into the air. Doing this within your engagement photos adds a romantic element as well as a playful trait. This is perfect for those couples who want to show off their fun relationship dynamic and still showcase the romance they share between them.
  • Gaze into their soul. You can communicate a lot with just a look, from confusion to lust. Using your facial expressions to showcase a loving gaze is perfect for such a romantic occasion. Gazing into your partner’s eyes, as though you were gazing into their heart, soul, their being, is wonderful for showcasing the heat and passion you share. It is also the perfect opportunity to show the love you have for your partner within your eyes.
  • A well-placed forehead kiss. The more humble and protective of kisses, the forehead kiss can be a lovely addition to your engagement photos. Showing the camera how much you care for your partner with a forehead kiss also shows that you plan to protect your partner for the rest of your life.

An engagement is such a beautiful time within your life and should certainly be showcased perfectly. These are just a few of the wonderful poses you can implement within your own engagement photos. Here at Photography with Heart & Video, we would be honored with the opportunity to capture your memories. If you are ready to plan your Los Angeles wedding photos, be sure to contact us today.