• November 4, 2016
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Your wedding day is likely to have a personality of its own, to be special for you and your partner. You have planned your big day to reflect the character of your relationship within our flowers, centerpieces, wedding ensembles and so much more. It is your day to celebrate your relationship with your partner, and everything should reflect who you are as a couple.

You will create your wedding to represent your relationship, and your photos should do the same as well. Choosing the right style of photography for your wedding photos is a great way capture your unique personalities within your wedding collection. These photos will be used for many years to come to show loved ones just how magical your day was.

Here at Photography with Heart & Video, we dedicate our passion entirely to each and every photo we capture. Therefore, we have compiled some of the top photography styles for you to view, so be sure to continue reading for some great inspiration:

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  • Portraiture. If you enjoy the classic look of wedding albums, such as your parent’s, you can capture your collection in the portraiture style. Even though this is more of a classical style, you still have creative freedom, such as creating dramatic poses that are more modern. You can talk to your photographer about creating your wedding photo collection in the style that appeals to you most, whether it be a more dramatic approach to the classic, or a traditional approach.

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  • Fine art. Viewing professional art is such an inspirational event. From sophisticated painting to stunning photography, fine art is a highly respected part of our culture, and, you can embrace the fine art in your wedding photos. Fine art photography style is somewhat similar to documentary style. So, if you want dreamy wedding photos with a beautiful grainy look, as if shot on film, the fine arts style is the way to go.

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  • Edgy bold. While weddings are similar in many ways, each one is different in its own unique way. Whether they are big or small differences, depends on the couple. For a unique wedding, couples often decide to take a step outside of the box to create something more unique and rare. Rather than focusing on the bride and groom themselves, edgy bold photography allows the photographer to take a closer look at the details and off center the photo framing. The person featured in the photo will be out of focus or off center, and the photographer will capture the unnoticed details and really bring their beauty to light.

Choosing the photography style that is right for you is crucial in receiving a wedding collection that you can be proud of. Here at Photography with Heart & Video, we are passionate about photography and love to turn out beautiful wedding photos. So, if you are ready to start planning your California wedding photography, be sure to contact us today!