• September 9, 2016

Looking through your wedding collection, years from now, or even when you first receive your photos, you will see all of the beautiful shots of you and your spouse, friends and family and the overall wedding festivities. You can see all of the happy faces that joined you on your special day and showed you their love and support, the undeniable look of true love on you and your spouse’s faces as you stare into each other’s eyes and promise to love each other and each and every element of beautiful décor that created the setting of your big day…what could be better than that?

What about all of the perfect little details that sometimes get missed? The details that you put all of your effort into planning, that should receive just as much attention? From your beautiful veil to your bridal bouquets, each piece of your wedding is important to completing the overall vision that you have created, and they should all be highlighted throughout your photos. Here at Photography with Heart & Video, we not only capture the beauty of your day, but each element that created it, which is why we have gathered some more of the top photos that you will surely not want to miss, so be sure to continue reading for all of the details:


  • Bridal details. Your dress is not the only piece of your wedding day attire, as there are a lot of little things that go into giving your wedding day ensemble a complete look. With all of the beautiful accessories you have added, such as hair jewels, a beautiful sash, those beautiful pieces of bridal jewelry or even your overall hair and makeup look, it is great to capture photos of these details so that you never forget how much all of your hard work paid off. You can look back on those little details and cherish them as much as you did on your big day.
  • The bridesmaid’s bouquets. Your bridesmaids lead the way down the aisle and accompany you at the altar, they have been there for you, and now stand by your side as you join your life with your partner. Catching a group shot of all of your bridesmaid’s bouquets can capture the fun that they shared while supporting you on your big day. You also get to remember those beautiful blooms that they were rocking on your wedding day.

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  • Getting ready.The room is filled with your bridesmaids, your hair stylist and the fun that you are all having, so seeing as It is such a unique moment where you and all of your bridesmaids get some alone time to reflect on what will be happening on your big day, you will certainly want to capture the memories. Your photographer should capture the joy that you are sharing for a more natural, care free collection of photos. Also, do not forget about all that fun that your partner is having with his Groomsmen as they get ready too, so have your photographer go between both rooms and get all the fun on film.

Anyone can have an album of wedding photos that captures the all-around beauty of your big day, but it is all of the little details that will make it special. Here at Photography with Heart & Video, we want to create a photo collection for you that stand out from the ordinary, so be sure to contact us today so that we can begin planning the photos of your California wedding day.