• April 23, 2017
Use Light To Capture Portraits

California has a lot to offer your portraits, form beautiful skyline views, to a charming big city culture. There are so many wonderful traits that you can find within California that will have you falling in love with its cities. It is completely understandable that you would want to host your photoshoot in the remarkable outdoors.

A lot of hard work and creativity will go into creating your photos. One of the most important elements to creating perfect photos is the lighting. Your photos revolve around lighting, from colors and highlights to creating the photograph itself.

Your photos would not exist without light. That’s why, here at Photography with Heart & Video, we have gathered some insight as to how lighting will enhance your photos. If you want truly spectacular photos, be sure to continue reading to discover more:

  • The frontlight. A myriad of hues make up the gorgeous attraction of the city, from vibrant paints to natural colors. These colors are magical and intriguing, the way they create a remarkable setting. One of the best ways to capture these colors is with front lighting. Positioning yourself so the sun is shining upon you, while your photographer stands in front of you, will ensure that you are illuminated beautifully, presenting one of the best possible photos.
  • The backlight. There are certain subjects that you see and your inner artist knows that it would greatly benefit from a deep contrast. You can achieve this greater contrast perspective with backlighting. This is when you position yourself so the sun is behind you, shining its rays upon your back. This effect will create a rich contrast that can provide a lovely distinction between your highlights and shadows.
  • The sidelight. Colors and contrast aren’t the only elements that make an intriguing photograph. You can capture and present different textures for a unique look throughout your photos. Having the sun off to your right or left will provide a sidelight, which will illuminate different textures. This form of lighting works wonders for photos that lack color or photos that you would like presented in black and white.
  • The softlight. There are days when the sun just doesn’t shine through the clouds. As hard as it may try, the rays just can’t break through the gray and illuminate the world. These overcast days actually serve as a beautiful setting for your photos, as it creates softlighting. This is the best way to capture colors. It is also wonderful for capturing complex images that you would like simplified, as it prevents the light from creating a photograph that is too busy. If you want vibrant colors or photos that don’t appear too busy, softlighting is the way to go.

Lighting is crucial to your photographs and can be your greatest tool. If you are still seeking a Los Angeles, California portrait photographer, be sure to contact us today. Photography with Heart & Video is ready to plan your Los Angeles photography.