• April 2, 2017
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Engagement photos will showcase the time in your life when you are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend, but not yet husband and wife. Seeing as this special time usually doesn’t last longer than a couple years, you will surely want to showcase it, and with engagement photos, you can.

However, are you aware of how you can best prepare for your engagement photo session?

Here at Photography with Heart & Video, we strive to prepare everyone for their photoshoot, so that they can be comfortable and at ease. That’s why we have gathered some tips to prepare you for your engagement photoshoot. If you are planning your own engagement photo session, be sure to continue reading to discover more:

  • Plan your locations. The world is at our fingertips, and we should certainly take advantage of it. With many scenic locations, you can choose a spot that can act as a gorgeous backdrop for your photos. To make this moment even more personal, you can capture your photos where you had your first date, a meaningful location to both of you, or even where you were proposed to.
  • Develop the perfect look. It is encouraged to bring more than one outfit to your photo session. We all have unique personalities, and our outfits can showcase them. You can start off professional, with a lovely dress and even a suit, to present some classic images. Then, you can transfer into some more casual clothes, to represent your more natural bond with one another.
  • Understand the importance. Overall, you should understand that engagement photos are important! This is a time in your life where you will want to celebrate. From sending out engagement photos to friends and family members as an announcement, to even taking some photos that can be used for you Save the Date cards, your engagement photos will act as a part of your history as a couple, as your engagement certainly deserves recognition.

Engagements are truly special, and should certainly be remembered through photography! If you are searching for a dedicated and experienced Los Angeles photographer, be sure to contact us today, as Photography with Heart & Video is ready to capture your memories.