• April 16, 2017

Your family is beautiful! Whether you are a single parent, one child or multiple, or a blended family, you have all created a loving bond that should be showcased through photography. Each year, you and your family will grow, and achieve new milestones.

From your little one’s first steps to your senior graduating high school, you can highlight these events within your life within your family portrait session.

There is certainly no specific reason as to why you should have family portraits taken, except for the fact of showing the world your beautiful bond together. That’s why, here at Photography with Heart & Video, we have gathered some reasons as to how you can capture lovely family portraits. If you are interested in learning some insight, be sure to continue reading to learn more:

  • Choose a location. First off, you will want to determine the best location for your photos to take place at. You can of course have them captured within a studio, but with the world at your fingertips you should certainly take a step outside. Great locations for family photos are parks, river fronts, or any special setting that has meaning to you and your family.
  • Props. Having fun within your photoshoot is a great way to showcase your natural bond as a family, while allowing you the opportunity to also let loose and be comfortable. Props are a fun addition, especially if you have young children. Some great props that you could include are sports items, such as balls and frisbees. Also, if you have hobbies, such as reading, books can be a fun addition. For more whimsical photos, you can bring in some balloons.
  • Choose your attire. As a family, you all have your own personalities, and you can showcase them through your attire. While you can all sport similar clothing, it is ideal to bring a couple different outfits to represent some different styles of photos. A great idea is to bring a set of both formal and casual clothes, this way, you can capture some fancy family photos, as well as some fun and active photos.

Having annual family photos taken is a great way to present the growth of your family throughout the years. If you are still seeking a Los Angeles, California family photographer, Photography with Heart & Video is here for you. Be sure to contact us today to begin planning your Los Angeles family photo session.