• July 27, 2016


Last week, we discussed some topics that would allow to you to gain confidence in your photographer, and ensure that who you hire would put forth the most dedication and effort into the outcome of your wedding day photos.

As mentioned previously, it is so important that you look at the style of your photographer, read reviews and most importantly, take the art of photography seriously; all of these factors will allow you to gain confidence in who you choose to capture your big day. Now, in part 2, Photography with Heart & Video has 3 more detailed reasons as to how photographers are such an important aspect of your wedding, as well as how you can gain even more confidence in them, so be sure to continue reading to gain some knowledge:


  • Trust. Know that when you hire your photographer, you are hiring an expert of the photography field, so you should certainly trust that they are capable of delivering quality photos. Doing this for a living, photographers know the best poses, angles and overall settings that will create beautiful photos, therefore it is important that you trust who you hire and know that they won’t let you down when it comes to the creation of your wedding album.

Woodland Hills Wedding Photographer

  • Get to know each other. You should feel comfortable and confident with who you choose to capture your wedding day. The last thing you want as the Bride and Groom is to have people following you around all day that you have never had the chance to get to know. Ask questions, allow your photographer to ask you questions as well and build a friendship  that will allow them to know how to perfectly capture your big day in a unique way.


  • Services provided. When you hire your photographer, review your contract thoroughly so you know exactly what services will be conducted at your wedding. Learn who your photographer will be, the duration of time they will be snapping photos and all of the events they will be present for. Each and every detail is of importance so that you can ensure that everything you want photographed is not missed.

Planning a wedding can seem overwhelming at times, especially when it comes to hiring the vendors for your day. You want to ensure that who you hire provides you with top quality services, so that your wedding is nothing less than perfect. Here at Photography with Heart & Video, we provide so much inspiration and dedication for our clients, allowing their day to be captured in a beautifully unique way. Be sure to contact us today so that we can capture your California wedding in a creative way.