• October 7, 2016

We all get that spark of excitement when we know something amazing is going to happen, and we are lucky if we get to see the look on our loved one’s face when it does. Seeing your loved one open presents on their birthday and then seeing their excitement and joy as they see the amazing gifts they received is priceless, however, did you know that you can see their true, raw emotion and all its sincerity on your wedding day too? It is true!

On your wedding day, there will be many people attending, friends and family alike, and with all of the romantic moments waiting to happen, such as the Bride walks down the aisle in all her glory, and when this happens, each one of your guests will have a first-look reaction. Joy, shock, pride, happiness, love…your guests will most likely be feeling all of these emotions at the same time, and their reaction is the most unique way that they will show it.

Capturing these first-look reactions is a trendy and heartfelt way to remember the wonderful joy that your loved ones felt for you on your big day, and Photography with Heart & Video has gathered the top first-look photography trends that you surely will not want to miss, so be sure to continue reading for some great advice:

  • Father of the Bride. Your father has been there since the day you were born. He has always been your father and will always be. Carrying you on his shoulders, kissing your boo-boos and always being the protector of his little girl, your father is about to watch his daughter walk down the aisle and marry the man of her dreams. Your father is going to be giving you away to a man who has the ability to make his little girl the happiest woman in the world, and as he sees you walk down the stairs or step out from behind the door for the first time in your complete wedding ensemble, it will likely bring tears to his eyes, as his baby girl is now all grown up.
  • Mother of the Groom. It is said that there is no stronger bond than a mother and her son. Your partner will look so handsome and stunning in his wedding tuxedo, that you will surely not want to miss his mother’s prideful expressions as she sees her boy all grown up. The mother of the Groom will see her son, groomed to perfection, as he walks down the aisle and marries the woman of his dreams. Looking so grown up and handsome, it is easy for a mother to be brought back to her much younger days when her son was still learning to walk and even calling her mommy for the first time, so, emotions will most likely wash over her as she sees the man that her son has become, and to see how happy she is on his big day allows for the perfect moment to capture a sincere first look picture that your partner will cherish for years to come.
  • Bride and her bridesmaids. Your friends have your back through thick and thin, they have been there through every accomplishment, failure and great story, and they will continue to stand by your side. Whether your bridesmaids are your sisters, best friends or a healthy mix of both, they will be so proud and happy to see you looking so ravishing on your wedding day. They know that you are about to walk down the aisle and make your dreams come true on your big day, and catching their excitement is a great way to enhance the friendship that you have built.

A first impression can mean everything, and a first-look moment will reveal every emotion. Choosing to have your photographer present for each of these first-look events can bring a completeness to your wedding collection, and joy to your heart. Here at Photography with Heart & Video, we take pride in making sure that none of your special moments are missed, so be sure to contact us today to plan your California photographs.