• October 13, 2016
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From that perfect smile to that charming personality, there are a number of things you love about your partner, and vice versa, as you fell in love with each other’s loving, and maybe even quirky, personalities. Together, you and your partner create your own, unique and amazing relationship with wonderful characteristics that only you two share. And while you two are individual people with your own personalities, you have joined together, creating a beautiful relationship. Your relationship is one of a kind and it’s something to be celebrated.

When your partner asked you to marry them, you were filled with joy. This big news is just too exciting not to share. You can take a photographic approach when announcing your new engagement, and it can be a lot of fun. You and your partner can create a unique collection of engagement photos that truly reflect your personalities, which is why here at Photography with Heart & Video, we create photo collections that truly express who the couple is, and showcases what they love. We have compiled a few of the top tips to help you and your partner reflect your personalities within your engagement photos, so be sure to continue reading to learn more:

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  • Show the love. You and your partner are tying the knot because of how much you both love each other. Even if you do not share every interest, you both share a deep and true love for each other. Your engagement photos should show off your unique love and show everybody that you two are perfect for each other. So cuddle up next to our partner for a few shots, hold their hand and give them that look that says “you are my fish in the sea”, and do not be afraid to show off a little PDA.

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  • Encourage the playfulness. You probably did not fall in love with your partner because they always had a serious demeanor, you fell in love because you can share laughs, enjoy the happiness in the world and maybe even tease them a little while they throw it right back. You not only have a relationship but a friendship too, so do not be afraid to let that playfulness shine through. It will show your loved ones how happy you two are and surely bring a smile to their face.
  • Show off your hobbies. It is likely that you and your partner share some similar hobbies, and probably even bonded over a couple. You can show off the hobby that brought you two together so that you could form a relationship this strong. Whether you both share a love for card games and well written novels, or a healthy workout and climbing the biggest mountain you can find, this hobby brought you two together and helped you form a strong bond that led you two to marriage, and it will most likely keep you close throughout the years, so highlight it within your photos.

Your engagement photo shoot is a chance for you and your partner to create photos that celebrate you both. You can capture the true personality of your relationship and even your individual personalities with quality engagement photos. Here at Photography with Heart & Video, we are skilled photographers who are ready to capture the most beautiful moments in your life, so contact us today if you would like to plan a California photo shoot that is unique to you and truly reflects who you are.