• September 24, 2016
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Your partner has popped the question, you said “Yes!” and now you both have been thrown into the world of wedding planning. From booking venues and vendors to creating playlists and seating charts, there is a lot that goes into planning your big day. After working so hard to make wedding day perfect, it is likely that you will want your effort to be remembered. There will be so many fantastic moments at your wedding, so, booking a photographer is crucial for preserving those fantastic memories.

As you choose a photography for your wedding, it is important that you choose one that can represent you and your partner in a beautiful way. A photographer that can work with you and your partner, be courteous to your guests and fits all of your wedding needs is vital for an excellent wedding photo collection, which is why Photography with Heart & Video has gathered the top tips for choosing the perfect photographer for your big day, so be sure continue reading for some tips:

  • Personality. Just like with any relationship, personal and professional, it really helps things progress if you both get along. If your photographer’s personality clicks with yours, it is likely that you will both get along well and communication will be easy for you on your wedding day. The fact that you and your photographer mesh well together means that you and your partner will be more relaxed when discussing your wedding photo visions, as your photographer should be just as excited and passionate about your wedding photography as you are. Your photographer does not have to be your best friend, but it is important that you click and feel comfortable enough to openly discuss your photography ideas and feel like they will be open and even excited to make them happen.
  • Style. Although you and your partner are different people, surely you will have some things in common, which means that you will both have a style all your own and even as a couple, which should be showcased throughout your wedding photos. Being able to reflect your style within your wedding photos is crucial for a photo collection that really captures you and your partner’s personality and is unique to you both. Your photographer’s style should mesh well with your style as a couple and be something that you both love, as your wedding photo collection should definitely be unique to you and your partner.
  • You would recommend them. Choosing any business, whether it is a great little coffee shop or which garage you can trust to fix your car, can be greatly influenced by reviews and recommendations from friends and loved ones, and the same goes for your wedding photographer as well. If you trust a company or enjoyed their service, it is likely that you have recommended them or will in the future. If your photographer is not someone you enjoyed discussing business with, or you feel they did not give you the respect you desired and they were not as passionate about their work for your big day as you had hoped, you probably would not recommend them. If you would not suggest your friends to go through them, it is safe to say that you are not that comfortable hiring them either. So, be sure to choose a photographer you would recommend, and that you feel offers passion for your big day.

Do not be afraid to be picky when it comes to hiring vendors for your wedding, especially your photographer. Here at Photography with Heart and Video, we offer so much passion to each and every wedding we photograph, so be sure to contact us today as we would be honored to capture your California wedding memories.