• November 30, 2016
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From the moment you met your partner, to the moment that you decided that you want to spend the rest of your life with them, you both have made many wonderful memories together. Every moment together is special, and seeing as there have been many important milestones along the way, such as your first kiss, you surely would not want to forget any of them.

Proposing to your partner, by far, is one of the most important moments in your relationship, not to mention your life. This wonderful event is something to remember, and you can capture this precious time through professional photography.

Here at Photography with Heart & Video, we understand how important it is to preserve a once in a lifetime event, such as proposing to your soul mate. That is why we have put together a few reasons as to why it is important for you to capture your engagement through photography, so be sure to continue reading to learn more:

  • This is your story. Each love story is unique, and yours is not only unique to you and your partner, but it is special. You have experienced many things in life together, and the best part? You have only just begun your adventure. Your proposal is the beginning of making your way through life, married to your soul mate. Capturing this moment is a great way to revisit what paved the way for your future as a married couple.


  • Enjoy the moment. Your proposal is a special moment, so capturing it with a professional photographer will allow you to share the heartwarming emotion. In addition to capturing the exciting, photos will also allow you to stay in the moment with your new partner in life, without worrying about forgetting any of the details.
  • It is over fast. As your heart races, and you pull out that gorgeous ring that you searched and searched for, the moment may seem like it is dragging on forever. What feels like hours is actually seconds, as you try and find the courage to pour your heart out to your partner and ask them to make the monumental decision of joining their life with yours, forever. By the time your partner accepts your proposal and slides on that gorgeous rock, it has only been minutes, and the moment is over. Hiring a professional photographer will allow you to forever keep that precious moment that seemed like forever, yet was over before you knew it.

Your proposal is the moment that you start living your life with the person of your dreams. Here at Photography with Heart & Video, we enjoy the experience of shooting moments as important as your proposal, and offer our professional photography services for your big day too. If you are ready to plan your California photography, be sure to contact us today.