• January 11, 2017

Sharing a bond that is unlike any other, you and your partner surely have your own sense of humor. From personal joys to inside jokes, you know just how to have a great time together. Now that you are engaged, you can celebrate this new closeness with an engagement photo session!

Sure, it’s a chance for you to show off your passion and romance, but there is so much more to your relationship than that. You can show off the fun and laughter that you both share within your photos.

Here at Photography with Heart & Video, we know that the best thing your partner can do for you is make you laugh and enjoy the fun elements in life. That’s why we have put together a few ways to have fun within your engagement photos. If you are planning an engagement photo session, be sure to keep reading to learn more:


  • Creativity. You can really make your engagement photos pop with unusual colors and textures. Perhaps finding an old barn, an abandoned car overgrown with nature, or an abandoned train, will allow your photos to possess a unique dynamic. These will not only set your photos apart from others, but you will also have an intriguing backdrop. Not to mention, the fun and playful poses you can create within these elements. For example, for an abandoned train, you can lean out the train window for a kiss as your train is “leaving the station”. Unique, colorful, and full of fascinating textures, your engagement photos will not soon be forgotten.
  • Props. What better way to have fun than to play with amusing props, such as text displays, signs, banners, huge sunglasses, and so much more. You have the potential to create whatever display you want with the right props. If you share the love of a sport, grab items from it, such as a basketball, find a beautiful football field, grab your favorite golfer’s hats. For a game, grab some play pieces, customize a game board. You have unlimited potential when it comes to props. This is also a lovely opportunity to create “save the dates” as well as “thank you” cards.


  • Vintage flair. Vintage engagement photos are becoming quite trendy among engaged couples. From a newsboy hat and a darling parasol to pinup polka dots and suspenders, you and your partner can create an array of charming vintage photos. This is especially wonderful if you plan on incorporating a vintage vibe within your wedding.

Having fun within your photo session shows that you not only have passion and love between the two of you, but you also know how to share a laugh. Here at Photography with Heart & Video, we want to help make your photo session enjoyable and memorable. If you are interested in planning your own California photos, be sure to contact us today.